3 Reasons to Get In Early & Stay Late

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You hear us say it all the time- “get to class early, stay late” but why? What should you be doing in those extra minutes? You may not realize that those couple of extra minutes can be the key to improving your overall performance in the gym but also to making your experience and time at GymBowie even more worthwhile and fun! We’ve listed 3 different ways you can utilize that time to be beneficial for you:

  1. Mobility work: Injuries and lack of performance or stalled performance are so often caused by lack of mobility and flexibility. Use those few extra minutes to work on a specific area that is especially tight or immobile.
    • Not sure where to start? Ask a coach, that’s why we’re here. Or ask someone else who is working on their mobility. Use the posters next to the men’s locker room with exercises and stretches on them- they aren’t just for decoration! 
    • Once you know where to start, chose 2-3 exercises that you can work on consistently and stick with those. It can be overwhelming the number of different exercises or parts of your body you can work on, so focus on a few areas and stick to them. Be consistent, you didn’t become inflexible in a day, it’ll take some time.
    • Have more than 5 minutes? Grab the laptop or ipad and get a RomWOD in before or after class, we have a gym login that you can use here.
  1. Work on skill development: We all have something we need to work on or really want to improve on, so work on it.
    • Set up a skill schedule: this can be as simple as “5 min pull up work outside class 2x/week” or more detailed with broken down exercises, reps and sets. Again, if you need help with a schedule- let us know! It’s what your coaches are here for and what we enjoy doing; we want to see you improve! 
    • It’s fun to get better at different skills in the gym and while we try to incorporate as much skill work in class as possible, we can’t hit it all, so it’s up to you to fill in the gaps. But you have to practice…no one ever got better at pull ups just by wishing.
  1. Socialize and make friends and help build our community!
    • The athletes who enjoy and get the most out of CrossFit and GymBowie are those that invest some time in making friends and getting to know the coaches and other athletes better. We have all walks of life at GymBowie and you never know who you’ll meet.
    • Spend some time foam rolling or stretching with other people from class, ask questions and get to know each other. This helps build accountability all around and makes your time at the gym more fun.
    • We care about you and want to know more about you, but it’s hard if you’re only at the gym for the 60 minutes of class and our job is to run a class and make sure you get a great workout while also staying safe. So stick around and chat- we think we have some awesome athletes and coaches here at GymBowie!

Get in a few minutes early, stay a little late and we promise you’ll enjoy your time at the gym even more than you already do! Need help with any of the points above? Let us know.


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