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530AMCrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
600AM-800AMOpen GymOpen GymOpen GymOpen GymOpen Gym
630AMCrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
9AM-10AMMom's ClassMom's ClassMom's Class
10AM-12PMBeginners Open Gym
12PMCrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
2PMOpen Gym
430PMCrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
530PMCrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
630PMCrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
730PMCrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
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Interested in CrossFit Houston but apprehensive about how to start? Don’t worry!  Come by GymBowie, Houston’s Upscale CrossFit, and observe an evening class so you can talk to our coaches and see if GymBowie is right for you.  Classes last about an hour with athletes and coaches arriving 15 minutes early and staying 15 minutes after the CrossFit class concludes.  To gain a deeper sense of our fitness community, scan our website, visit our Facebook page and Instagram and you will get a glimpse of our facility and culture here at the gym.

Accelerate your fitness journey by filling out the contact form to the right.  Our staff will welcome you to GymBowie | CrossFit Live Oak, located in the heart of Houston’s Midtown & Montrose.

What is CrossFit

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police cadets, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We provide an environment for client-athletes that enjoy working out hard in a group of their peers. Enduring a demanding program with friends that share the same goals inspires motivation and encouragement inspires the hard work needed for real change.

Our classes are no more than 60-minutes from start to finish. Athletes arrive 5-10 minutes before the session to prepare and warm up. The session starts with 10-15 minutes warming up together doing active mobility work, dynamic stretching, and low-intensity cardio. At this point, we get into the heart of the workout–the “WOD,” or “Workout Of the Day.” This lasts anywhere from 5-20 minutes of intense exercise consisting of various full-body compound movements. Unlike other training, we incorporate a variety of equipment including pull-up bars, Kettle Bells, dumbbells, and medicine balls. Depending on the intensity of the WOD, we will either have a warm-down exercise, or just stretch to cool down.

If you are interested in giving this life changing opportunity a try, fill up the form at the right and we will promptly get back in touch with you.

Tell me more about CrossFit
The Basics

CONSTANTLY VARIED – A variety of exercises and workouts with different weights, sets, reps, and/or rounds every workout that keeps you well rounded and ready for all physical aspects of life. We push your body to learn new motions, not just the same boring workout everyday.

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS – We add functional movements together to create more complex motion without machines or half squats. Natural motions and exercises that are done every day reducing the chance for injury. Full range of motion through all planes of motion.

HIGH INTENSITY – CrossFit is completely scalable for any fitness levels. We push your body to become better, causing quicker and better results over all aspects of fitness. High intensity is consistent power output, not overworking. A college-level athlete can train alongside a novice of any age with the same intensity and vigor.

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