Open Gym is Back!

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Guess What? Open Gym is BACK! 

Yup, you guys asked and we’re very happy to be bringing weekend open gym back to our members. We’ll now be offering Open Gym on Sunday from 10am-12pm (new time from before!). 

What is open gym? What’s the benefit to you? It’s exactly what is sounds like- the gym is open for 2 hours (with a coach present) so members can come in and get a workout in on Sunday. There is no scheduled workout for the day but this is a great time to either make up one you missed earlier in the week, make up one on your own, find one online, or the coach that is there is happy to help you come up with something. 

This is also a GREAT time to work on a skill or lift you’ve been struggling with or want to improve on. Not too interested in working out but want to get some recovery time in? No problem! Come in and use a foam roller or do a ROMWOD on one of the gym computers (we have a log in, no need to pay!). 

Open Gym can be incredibly valuable if you use it, and we hope that you do. Grab a friend, pick a workout and join us starting this Sunday (1/15) from 10am – 12pm! 

Questions? Email Alex: 

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