Come in and work on your muscle-ups, get an extra WOD in or set a new PR on your back squat! We’ll always have a coach in the gym but don’t rely on your coaches for a workout, come prepared with a goal, workout or skill in mind.

Great news!!! We’ve added an open gym time in the mornings from 6-8am, MondayFriday, as of May 2016. Please see the rules below:

Rules of Open Gym 

– We advise members not to attend until you’ve completed at least three to six months of consistent training in the group class setting.

– Open Gym (OG) is a more hands off environment, where attendees are expected to have a solid grasp on their training goals and only need basic refinements on the movements they’re working on.

– Membership wise, it’s included in the “unlimited” package. For the “2 x week” and “punch card” memberships, OG will count towards your membership as a session – Everyone will be expected to sign-in upon arrival.

– OG’ers can show up any time during the OG window.

– Check in with the Coach before doing anything (more importantly w/ barbells, rope climbs, and handstand work). Tell them what your plan for the day is and have it approved.

– Ask questions and get help! OG is a great time for the Coaches to help you personally (scheduled do classes take precedence).

– Warm up. You can make up your own or ask the coach for some warm-up ideas when you discuss your plan for the day… either way you must get WARM.

– Clean up ALL your things before you leave.

– Open Gym sessions can be, given that people aren’t on a tight schedule, a great opportunity to interact with athletes who might usually attend other class times, which creates an excellent environment for community building and networking!

Lift smart, stay safe and have fun!

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